The Radical Truth of The Tarot

The Tarot is honest. The cards do not lie. You may prefer to hear a different story than what the cards bring. You may deny that what they say is true. You may twist the meaning to fit your hopes and wishes. The cards don’t lie and the message is meant to help you. Always. Interpreting the cards for ourselves may block the truth. Sometimes an unbiased perspective is needed. A compassionate skilled tarot reader that can be trusted to tell it like it is , is an invaluable asset. The Truth doesn’t have to be bad either. What if you have a hard time believing in yourself and The Tarot tells you will be successful. Can you accept this and use it to change your way of thinking? Sure you can because the tarot does not lie. So when the message doesn’t quite come across the way you want it to, or you find it hard to believe, take a moment to reflect. Take a day or two. Let it sink in. Mull it over. Your higher self is the one talking to you through the tarot. Your higher will continue to speak and point you in the right direction. Your higher self is sending you the message. So take some time to listen to your inner self and discern for yourself the truths of the message.

If it does not resonate at all then it is not for you at this time. That is perfectly fine. It may be a type and shadow of things to come.

Marlena- XO

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