Why the Tarot?

Tarot has been around for centuries. It has had hundreds of years of use. Hundreds of years of intention, people using it to tap into The Source Energy we call God. So much intention over so many centuries has made it a powerful, dependable tool for gleaning the answers you are seeking. The Tarot reveals hidden knowledge, peeks into the future, spiritual insights and can be used for personal development, Messages from angels, guides and ancestors sometimes come through and can be very enlightening. A Tarot master is someone knowledgeable to interpret the language The Tarot talks . To share the messages the tarot wants to share with you.

Just like learning any language, anyone can probably do it. Does everyone want to do it? To commit to the in depth study and devote the time learning a new language? Do some people learn more easily than others? Are some people what we would call naturals? Yes anyone can dabble in the Tarot, but to gain real insights and knowledge you seek someone who is an expert reader of the language and can connect intuitively to the divine messages tarot will provide. As it says in the bible ” the laborer is worthy of their hire” meaning if someone is going to do work for you , you really should pay them.

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